Been experimenting with some texturing, using blend mode "source atop" in Construct 2 over top of some my tiles and background image.

texturing on ground tiles and background image

Gives it more of a unique look... but I'll still have to play with textures to get the effect I'm looking for.


Light Effects

Been working on some of the lighting for the game, here's an indoor light example.


Chickens! Bawk baaaawk!

Been rethinking the game direction... now I'm thinking more Mario meets Harvest Moon, you'll be able to grow crops and raise animals. More details on that later...

Added some new chickens to the game and a few other little things.

Stay tuned for more updates...


Back burner

Just a quick update here to let you know that I probably will be putting this project more on the back burner for a little while.  There's a few other projects I have lined up I need to get to, plus my wife is about to have a baby.  Hopefully I'll be back to this in a month or so... we'll see how it goes


This one bites!

Here's a new brick surprise.

I am thinking I want there to be lots of types of bricks for the player to run into, some that are good and some that you may want to avoid.


Level Editor - Tree and Flower generation

The video above shows some of the progress I've been making with the level editor.  The new feature shown is tree and flower auto-generation.  This makes it easy to populate the level with decoration instead of placing each tree and flower individually.

Note that graphics are very much so subject to change, I especially want to make those trees look better.


NPC speech dialog

I've been working on adding NPC's to the level editor, including speech dialogs.

A little video to show progress so far:

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