Back burner

Just a quick update here to let you know that I probably will be putting this project more on the back burner for a little while.  There's a few other projects I have lined up I need to get to, plus my wife is about to have a baby.  Hopefully I'll be back to this in a month or so... we'll see how it goes


This one bites!

Here's a new brick surprise.

I am thinking I want there to be lots of types of bricks for the player to run into, some that are good and some that you may want to avoid.


Level Editor - Tree and Flower generation

The video above shows some of the progress I've been making with the level editor.  The new feature shown is tree and flower auto-generation.  This makes it easy to populate the level with decoration instead of placing each tree and flower individually.

Note that graphics are very much so subject to change, I especially want to make those trees look better.


NPC speech dialog

I've been working on adding NPC's to the level editor, including speech dialogs.

A little video to show progress so far:


More work on level editor

Thanks to some help from Java Cepi of Pixaltato I was able to make some good progress today with auto-tiling and it is working much better now, which gives me more hope that this finished game will have a level editor that is accessible and easy to use for players.

Here's a small YouTube sample of where level editing is headed:


Autotiling with AutoTileGen and Construct 2

Just wanted to show of a little tool I've created with Construct 2 to to make level editing easier on myself.

The tool I use to create the tiles AutoTileGen, a very handy piece of software that makes it a lot easier to make different types of terrain tiles for your game.  AutoTileGen exports it for me into a nice png spritesheet which I then import into Construct 2.  Unfortunately the Construct 2 template that comes with AutoTileGen doesn't use Construct 2's tilemap object for auto-tiling so I decided to come up with something myself to make is must easier and faster to get levels out.

As you can see in the animated gif above you draw tiles and then the tool automatically detects (according to what tiles are adjacent to other tiles) to get all the tiles in the right spot.  No more painstaking tile by tile editing!  I still need to clean it up a bit to account for all tiles, but it's working well so far.

Depending on how it goes this may even turn into a level editor so that anyone that plays the game can make their own level and share it with others, we'll see if it gets to that point :).  For now it should help streamline my own level creation process.


gif gameplay—monsters and coin bricks

It's kind of hard to demo two person stuff by myself... I'll have to get someone else with me next time :)
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